Wednesday, April 1, 2020


  1. Alan Morris feat. Jess Morgan  -  Made Of Light
  2. Adam Ellis  & Denise Rivera feat. Lifeline  -  Outside Myself
  3. Arman Bahrami feat. Molly Bancroft  -  Loving Out Loud (Kaimo K Remix)
  4. Robert Nickson & ReLocate feat. Neev Kennedy  -  Not Made To Break (Omar Sherif Remix)
  5. Costa feat. Sarah Lynn  -  Never Fade (Extended Mix)
  6. Mhammed El Alami feat. Emma Horan  -  Warriors (Extended Mix)
  7. Jael  -  No Matter What (Raz Nitzan Extended Mix)
  8. Kaimo K feat. Sue McLaren  -  The Treasure Of Your Heart
  9. C-Systems feat. Hanna Finsen  -  Not Giving Up (Extended Mix)
  10. Tom Boldt feat. Kyler England  -  Higher (With You) (Extended Mix)
  11. Aurosonic feat. Stine Grove  -  In Euphoria We Rise (Progressive Mix)
  12. Susana  -  A Million Memories (Steve Allen Extended Remix)
  13. Susana-Mend My Broken Heart (Original Mix)

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