Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Sonnydeejay-Superstring Vol 47

1. AMR - As Time Goes By (Original Mix)
2. Walsh & Mcauley - Dam Square
3. Euphorik - Three Days In Tallin (Original Mix)
4. AMR - Beach Sunset (Original Mix)
5. Frank Robusch - Tapestry (Original Mix)
6. Rank 1 - Awakening
7. Destination X - Discovery (Arctic Moon Progressive Trance Mix)
8. Chapter Xj - Again
9. Vira & Aerium - Anastacia (Type Remix)
10. Derelict - Voice Of Hope (Original Mix)
11. Addex - Ten Months (Original Mix)
12. Chapter Xj - Exhilaration
13. Angel Ace - Feel Inside (Original Mix)
14. Sean Tyas & Simon Patterson - Something's Up (Original Mix)
15. Walsh & Mcauley - Lost Feelings
16. Wandii - Beautiful Dirt (Michael Badal Remix)
17. Hokkaido - Summer Wind (Original Mix)



  1. I love your podcasts and can't wait for the next amazing mix to drop. One thing I wish was present were chapters in the mixes. I listen to your mixes on my iPod and when I hear song I really like it's sometimes a mystery what it is. It'd be great to click the center of the click wheel and see what song is currently playing. Any thoughts on adding chapters? Sorry about the hard drive failure. I've had it happen too and I feel your pain.

  2. i would love to do chapters in my podcast,but i am using a windows computer an there is no program i know of that can do chapters for ituns.

    If you know of any let me know.